Setting the Windows Phone 7 SMTP Port

I am now the happy owner of a Windows Phone 7 device, Samsung’s Omnia 7.

I am a happy user of Samsung’s hardware as well as Microsoft’s software, including the new Metro user interface, My Phone’s ability to locate my phone, the Zune software etc. And I am thrilled about the developer story – that apps can be developed using Silverlight and C# with Visual Studio and other familiar tools.

I intend to blog about developing apps as soon as I get proper hands-on experience.

One end-user problem struck me immediately when I tried to setup the phone. I use a hosted email solution which I can use to read my email through POP3/IMAP and I can send email through SMTP, all of which WP7 supports nicely.

Well, except that there seems to be no way to specify the SMTP port to be used, which is odd since it is quite common to have the default port 25 blocked?

As usual, there is a simple solution to this problem – simply specify the port after the SMTP server name. For example, if the server name is ‘’ and the port to use is 42, specify this as ‘’.


Life, code and everything

I decided to give my blog the title Life, code and everything.

Why? I did it for two reasons.

Firstly, because I am a passionate software developer so I will mainly write about code; but I also have a life; and I tend to have opinions on my own so I refuse to restrict myself too narrowly, hence everything.

Secondly, because I found that Life, universe and software development with focus on simplicity, quality and maintainability was a bit too long, although it is more to the point of what I intend to write about.

Thirdly, because it is a reference to certain literature that has left a lasting impression on me.

That was three reasons, not two? Well, how can a trilogy consist of more than three books?